Time to Plan for Prosperity!

As we embrace the month of February, traditionally associated with love and recognition, it is also an opportune time for personal reflection and planning. In the midst of exploring life’s possibilities, consider taking moments to reflect on your current financial position and envision where you aspire to be.

Contemplate the impact that your life decisions have on your family and loved ones, recognizing that the choices we make today play a pivotal role in shaping the future. This is an invitation to connect and strategize on how I can assist you in crafting a more financially secure future for both yourself and those who matter most.

Schedule a call today to discuss your financial goals and create a tailored plan for a prosperous tomorrow.

Key Dates in February

  • The Super Bowl: Sunday, 2/11
  • Valentine’s Day: Tuesday, 2/14
  • President’s Day: Monday, 2/19
  • Identity Theft Awareness Week: 1/29 -2/2
  • Financial Aid Awareness Month
  • Black History Month
  • Insure Your Love Month

Here’s a look at the market for the last year, with some of the most popular benchmark indices.  If you have any questions or concerns about your own investments, please reach out so we can discuss.

As a reminder, past performance on any investments or the stock market are not indicative of future performance.

Source:  Yahoo Finance at https://finance.yahoo.com/  data as of market close 1/24/2024

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While you may only think about your IRS 1040 tax form once a year, it actually provides a lot of information that can help you with your overall financial strategy.

For instance: 

  • Do you have enough life insurance?
  • Are your assets tax-diversified?
  • Are you saving for your children’s college education?
  • Do you have enough saved for retirement?

Let’s schedule time to review your 1040 together to make sure your goals are still on track.

This information is for educational purposes only and should not be considered specific tax, legal, investment of planning advice.