Spring Forward with your Finances: Let’s Plan for Growth

As the weather warms, flowers bloom, and birds chirp, it’s evident that Spring has sprung into full action. Wherever you reside, the changing seasons signal a time of renewal and growth. This month also brings a host of important financial dates worth recognizing. 

As your trusted financial professional, I’m here to help guide you toward your financial goals and wellbeing.

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Key Dates in April

  • April Fool’s Day – 4/1
  • World Health Day – 4/7
  • Tax Day – 4/15
  • National Financial Advisor Day – 4/18
  • Earth Day – 4/22
  • National Financial Literacy Month
  • National Social Security Month
  • National Volunteer Month

Here’s a look at the market for the last 12 months, with some of the most popular benchmark indices.  If you have any questions or concerns about your own investments, please reach out so we can discuss.

*As a reminder, past performance on any investments or the stock market are not indicative of future performance. 

S&P 500 gspc yahoo finance chart in the last 12 months
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bookshelf full of books

Many Americans are operating their personal finances with only the barest minimum of knowledge.

A Fruitful Retirement: Social Security Benefit

Taking your Social Security benefits at the right time may help maximize your benefit.

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Protect those most important to you and achieve your lifetime goal

Life insurance can help protect those most important to you and help you achieve your lifetime goals. A permanent life insurance policy accumulates cash value that you can access at any time, for any reason during your lifetime — and in most cases, income-tax-free.1 For example, you can use a policy’s cash value to pay for a loved one’s college education or supplement your retirement income, among other things. It’s completely up to you.

Take a look at more ways you can use life insurance during your lifetime, and then let’s talk about how a policy could fit into your overall financial strategy.

1 Accessing cash value will reduce your policy death benefit and values, may result in certain fees and charges and may require additional premium payments to maintain coverage. Ask your financial professional for details on accessing your cash value, including how it might impact the coverage guarantees and situations when the values you access could be taxable. Always consult your tax advisor before accessing a policy’s cash value.