Mid-Year Check In

Happy July! I hope you’re soaking up the summer sunshine and getting some well-deserved relaxation. As we reach the halfway point of the year, it’s a perfect time to take a breather and check in on our financial goals.

This month, we’ll discuss some effective strategies for preparing for retirement and explain why mid-year is an excellent time to review your life insurance coverage. We’ll also provide an update on the current state of the markets.

As always, I’m here to help you navigate these topics and make the best decisions for your financial future. Thanks for being part of this journey with me—let’s keep moving forward together!

Key Dates

  • National Financial Freedom Day – 7/1
  • Independence Day – 7/4
  • National Parent’s Day – 7/23
  • Olympics Opening Ceremony – 7/26
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The simplest ideas can sometimes make a massive difference over time. Enjoy this brief video to learn more.

two women and a man looking at a computer reviewing their life insurance

Reviewing Your Life Insurance Needs

Learn how the review process works and how it may help you better understand your Life Insurance.

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Dreaming Up a Active Retirement

When you retire, how will you treat your next chapter?

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a flyer about key moments that you should take to a professional about your finances.

Key Money Moments: 4 Times You Should Talk to a Pro

Life happens fast, and your finances can take a backseat if you’re not careful. Is it time to check in with a financial professional? This infographic will help you examine your own financial situation and decide if it’s time to step up your financial game.

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Here’s a look at the market for the last 12 months, with some of the most popular benchmark indices. If you have any questions or concerns about your own investments, please reach out so we can discuss.

*As a reminder, past performance on any investments or the stock market are not indicative of future performance. 

S&P 500 yahook finance graph
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yahoo finance exchange chart
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Mid-year is a good time to review your financial goals. As your goals evolve, you must ensure your life insurance coverage keeps up.  A personal coverage review can help:

  • Identify potential gaps in your coverage
  • Explore new ways to enhance your overall financial strategy
  • Produce a refresher on the advantages of your current coverage

Here’s a quick flyer to show simple steps you should consider if you’re 5, 10, 20, 30 or 40 years from retirement.

We can help. Please reach out to schedule and appointment!